Subway employee rubs his penis on bread roll; Another freezes urine (2 pics)


From Huffington Post:

[quote]A Subway “sandwich artist” admitted today to putting his penis on the store’s sandwich bread and posting the photo on Instagram.

The bombshell comes after HuffPost Weird News received several photos posted by two men in Columbus, Ohio, who work for the restaurant chain. Their Twitter and Instagram pages are festooned with photos of their exploits. In several photos, Subway’s signature bread is shaped into penises.

One of the men, Cameron Boggs, admitted on Instagram that “today at work I froze my pee” in a water bottle.

Boggs posted — and later deleted — the most incriminating photo, which depicts a man rubbing his genitalia on foot-long bread. It was posted on Instagram by username “weedpriest” with a caption that reads, “My name is @ianjett and I will be your sandwich artist today.”[/quote]

In other news, this is why you try to avoid eating at low class eateries and restaurants. What do you know, maybe you’ll come back with some kind of bacterial infection in your throat? Don’t say you’ve never been warned.


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