Russian photographer executes stunning imagery with her human-animal portraits

Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova‘s latest project is meant to capture the essence of the human and animal spirit and relationship, by taking pictures of people in close proximity with what would be called “wild beasts.” Animals starring in the project include a tiger, a bear and even a giraffe.

A bear’s loving friendship with his human counterpart.
01 - katerina-portrait-with-animals
Intimate connection between a human and a giraffe.
02 - katerina-portrait-with-animals
A snake’s comfort and trust of the human body and soul.
03 - katerina-portrait-with-animals
Sincere trust of an adolescent fox.
04 - oLFth5V
Woman showing affectionate care to a grazing moose.
05 - katerina-portrait-with-animals
Stunning color contrast between the snake’s sharp red color to the woman’s red hair.
06 - katerina-portrait-with-animals
Sisters sporting their own pet porcupines.
07 - katerina-portrait-with-animals
Woman and an elephant comforting eachother in a tranquil river.
08 - katerina-portrait-with-animals
A confused raccoon in the protective hands of a classy redhead.
09 - katerina-portrait-with-animals
Little Red Riding Hood is portrayed carrying a little fox.
10 -katerina-portrait-with-animals
Portrayal of Alice holding a peafowl.
11 - katerina-portrait-with-animals
A nude woman feeling comfort around a wild tiger.
12 - katerina-portrait-with-animals
A bear’s complete trust of the human, sharing physical touch and the feeling of protection and care.
13 - katerina-portrait-with-animals
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