Chicklopedia is set to be the first ever app that lets men rate hookups with women


If you’re a female in your 20′s, you’ve most likely heard of the wonderful little app called Lulu. Hell, even if you’re a guy in your 20′s, chances are you know what Lulu is. Just the thought of girls rating guys based on sexual performance, personality and a host of other things probably makes you a little furious inside your dome.

What if the playing field were leveled between the sexes? What if guys were able to rate females based on attractiveness, personality and even their sexual prowess? Ah, in a perfect world.

Wait, not so fast. On December 21, 2013 a guy-friendly little app is set to level the playing field between the sexes.

Chicklopedia, developed by a group of college students in Portugal, is set to become the first guys-only phone app that allows guys to view, rate and review girls they have had a fling or two with. Prospective Chicklopedia users will be required to log in via their Facebook account, consequently opening up their friends list to Chicklopedia’s rating system. Users will be allowed to browse and view ratings of all the user’s female Facebook friends and characterize them as either a girlfriend, a naughty little hookup or just a plain old friend. Of course, different categories of relationships will bring about a different form of rating. However, what’s unique about this particular app is that it uses Twitter-like hashtag technology, allowing users to find women with hashtags.

Like the Lulu app, Chicklopedia does indeed have a very extensive rating system that spans over 15 unique categories, including personality, appearance and kinkiness (oh, behave).

Since Lulu’s inception, many have argued that men were getting publicly shamed and harassed by the app, being a modern day equivalent of having nude pictures of themselves being released to the public. Whatever the public’s reaction to Chicklopedia may be, consider the playing field, well, leveled.

By the way, Chicklopedia has a Facebook page which you can access here and an official website which you can access here.

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