1 - new-house-safe

This guy purchased a new home and you won’t believe what he finds hidden inside it

This new homeowner, known online as CraigNoList, recently purchased a new home. Suspicions arose when he noticed a crack in his bedroom closed. The rest? Well, you’ve gotta read this page and find out!

01 - Theon

Here are 13 Game of Thrones characters brilliantly reimagined in 80′s style

Mike Wrobel, a graphic designer from France who’s now based in Tokyo, Japan, put together quite the breathtaking compositions of the most popular Game of Thrones characters into an 80′s and 90′s style attire. Characters from Theon and Jaime Lannister are all showcased for even the most casual fan to enjoy.

1 - tibetan-menu

4 unusual and unintentionally funny Tibetan restaurant menu items

A Reddit user recently traveled to Tibet and decided to get a taste of some classic Tibetan cuisine. Stopping by a popular Tibetan restaurant, what he saw is unusual as well as unintentionally funny. The wording in some of these is just classic.


5 U.S. dollar bills that you probably didn’t know existed

There are stores today that will not accept large value bills. There are even stores that will not accept bills over $100, as the use of credit and debit cards is all but increasing. Nevertheless, these are 5 of the rarest bills to have ever been created and it’s likely you didn’t know they even existed.

5) This is the elusive $500 dollar bill, featuring 25th president of the United

08 - russian-dating-nono

13 types of people you will meet on a Russian dating website

Perhaps you know someone who wanted to get their fingers wet on a Russian dating website. Heck, maybe even you were desperate enough to search for a Russian mail order bride or husband. Whatever the case may be, let’s examine the 13 types of people you will see on a Russian dating website.

2 - so-much-lies

9 ways everyday items just lie to you right in your face

Sometimes, you have to do a double-take when you are reading something out of the ordinary. Then, when you actually confirm what you’ve read, you’re even more perplexed than before because you just cannot believe what you’ve read. Here are 9 of those moments that will definitely have you going “WTF did I just read?”


These 16 instances of brilliantly timed photos are bound to improve your day

You may encounter something out of the ordinary in your day-to-day routine and wished you had a camera. Sometimes, even the routine photos could turn out unsuspectingly funny. These 16 perfectly timed photos will have you shaking your heads as well as the occasional hysterical laughter.

3 - nothin-but-car

I guess you could say, nothin’ but net

Poor guy was parked in the wrong spot at the wrong time, watching a recent game of the March Madness tournament. No word on the exact location of this mishap, but it’s safe to say that the giant basketball made quick work of the decrepit Pontiac Aztec.

1 - lake-mead-head

You won’t believe what a man found wash up at a local shore

An Arizona man recently found this strange head-type figure wash up on the shores of Lake Mead in Arizona. It’s made out of some type of stone and definitely doesn’t seem indigenous to the region. I can’t exactly pinpoint it, but something about this seems eerily familiar.

4 - fake-facts

8 fake facts you can use to trick your friends. Or check if your friends are stupid or not.

Here are eight facts that are made to look at plausible as possible. Ok, they are really not plausible to the sensible human being, but that doesn’t mean you can’t post them on Facebook and see how many people would actually fall for them.