8 ingenious ways to pass your buddy a beer

Screw Super Bowl commercials. If you ever wanted a unique way to pass your friend a beer can, look no further than these 8 ingenious illustrations how to just make that happen.

4 - googly-eyed-statue

Some genius decided to add googly eyes to statues. Here’s the result.

An Einstein-esque man from somewhere in the United States had a brilliant idea: Add googly eyes to statues and see what happens. The end result? A brilliant display of statues that strangely…look alive.

1 - nat-geo-selfies

National Geographic’s really wild Selfie project

Just recently, National Geographic had a neat little idea to capitalize on the popular “Selfie” trend. They consulted a small firm in Sao Paulo, Brazil to design posters of a variety of animals posing for selfies, holding their phones in a wide variety of environments, such as a bedroom and elevator. The result? Some awesomely wild selfies.


36 of the most incredible optical illusions you’ve ever laid your eyes on

Optical illusions are one of the most fascinating spectacles in life. You visually perceive these images (processed by your good ol’ brain), but these images tend to differ significantly from the objective reality. All of these things coupled together is why optical illusions, whether it be intentional or unintentional, are an occipital masterpieces.


15 images that will have you scratching your head and going WTF

Have you ever seen a sign that have you saying “WTF” out loud? Signs so suspect, that you’re not sure whether it’s legitimate or whether you’re getting trolled? Well, take a seat and enjoy these 15 images that will undoubtedly have you scratching your head and, of course, laughing at the stupidity.


13 of the most hilarious and unintentionally sexist dating tips, circa the 1930′s

Well, times have definitely changed in the last 80 years or so. These dating tips are from a handout manufactured sometime in the 1930′s and were meant for women to be on their best game during a date with the opposite sex. Suffice to say that some of them are both unintentionally funny and sexist at the same time.

1 -friend-nursery-painting

Woman paints friend’s nursery and the result is downright amazing

Artist Christine McConnell decided to take on a project with a goal to make her friend’s nursery more inspiring; A little more beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Her work is a little dark, but awe inspiring nonetheless.

1 - new-house-safe

This guy purchased a new home and you won’t believe what he finds hidden inside it

This new homeowner, known online as CraigNoList, recently purchased a new home. Suspicions arose when he noticed a crack in his bedroom closed. The rest? Well, you’ve gotta read this page and find out!

01 - Theon

Here are 13 Game of Thrones characters brilliantly reimagined in 80′s style

Mike Wrobel, a graphic designer from France who’s now based in Tokyo, Japan, put together quite the breathtaking┬ácompositions of the most popular Game of Thrones characters into an 80′s and 90′s style attire.┬áCharacters from Theon and Jaime Lannister are all showcased for even the most casual fan to enjoy.

1 - tibetan-menu

4 unusual and unintentionally funny Tibetan restaurant menu items

A Reddit user recently traveled to Tibet and decided to get a taste of some classic Tibetan cuisine. Stopping by a popular Tibetan restaurant, what he saw is unusual as well as unintentionally funny. The wording in some of these is just classic.